Afraid of Elementals

Alliance Guild • Elune • US • Retail


New Website

Discord update/rearrange and new website!

Afraid of Elementals

Alliance Guild, Elune, US

May 29, 2023

Last Update: 22 December 2023


In addition to the recent Discord overhaul, we’ve also been working to get the AoE website updated and modernized. now uses the Guilds of Wow platform, which adds a lot of new functionality. If you have some extra time this week, hop over, register, and check out the new features, such as:

  • Comparing your character to other characters such as those in Liquid, Echo, Method, and other top players to see how you stack up against them. This can help you identify gaps in your current spec and gearing.
  • Weekly audit to see how well you’ve done over the past week and rank you among your peers. It’s a great way to see your metrics.
  • Twitch integration for our streamers in guild! Simply enter your twitch information when you register and YOU will be on our website reppin’ <Afraid of Elementals>!!
  • Share your screenshots to the website to show off some of your greatest achievements. Doing so will keep our website looking active and bolster our possibilities of recruiting more people should we need to in the future.

Finally, one bit to note is that the website does like to keep you informed about…well everything. The best bit of advice we can give you is to select what you want to be notified about, even if it’s nothing. Simply click on your account name in the top right corner, and select Notifications in the drop-down menu. Then select anything you want to be notified about and our website will send you an email when something comes up!

A huge shoutout to Tony/Tankboy for setting all of this up and getting all of the integrations working!


-the Officers